We organise events on a package basis, however, they are customizable and throughout the process of its tailoring, the ideas and approvals of the client are sought for an ideal outcome.



RC Evento aces in creating fairy tale weddings. Indian weddings go beyond two individuals and covering all aspects with perfection is what we do.


Photos and videos remain with you for a lifetime, taking you back again and again to your wedding day.

Mehndi Artist

Mehndi as a tradition is intrinsically tied up with Indian weddings and it works well even with our modern brides.

Club Events

People today want to be part of groups other than the traditional ones. This is where clubs come in. Clubs have had a very unique role to play in people’s lives today.


What is more exciting than a birthday? An extraordinary birthday celebration! We,at RC Evento,provide the most creative ideas to celebrate your birthday.

Corporate Events

The Corporate Sector is one of the most hyper active arenas in the present day. RC Evento ensures that their activity is not hundered.